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Don’t Let the Office Downer Ruin Your Project

Published on Monday, September 17, 2018

Don’t Let the Office Downer Ruin Your Project

Don’t view office downers as part of the problem – make them an integral part of the solution!


The excitement of a technology project is easily ruined when someone raises a hand and says “that won’t work!”. This office downer (formerly known as ‘’Debbie Downer’’) can quickly change a project’s tone and delay its progress. I’m always surprised that one person could have that much influence over the project’s direction.




What do I see when talking with office-downers? Read our Barron's article to better understand their views and successful project management strategies to turn them into project advocates:

  • See the world through their eyes
  • Give them a voice and listen
  • Match their skillset with the right task.

Contact us if your project is not moving as expected or you are spending too much time tackling your project’s bumps and glitches. 

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