Solutions aren’t derived from a standard survey or checklist. Without vendor allegiances, we only have your firm’s best interest in mind

Our Approach to Developing New Software Business Requirements: 
  • Identifies your current state, where your firm needs to be, and how to get there
  • Evaluates your needs across the whole firm – from the front end to the back-office
  • Minimizes the headaches that come with implementations and conversions
  • Enables effective communication to vendors and service providers 

Our Effective Evaluation and Selection Process:
  • Uses your business requirements to ask the right questions and get the right answers
  • Analyzes past the ““ and “X”s in your selection spreadsheet. Focuses on ‘how’, not ‘if’, the features work
  • Raises potential issues with vendors to ensure their understanding of your needs

Solutions for Your Firm: 

The information needed to select the right technology for your firm. We present a comprehensive ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison with price and service among vendors.

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