A Successful Implementation and Conversion Relies on Having a Firm-Wide Project Plan, Not Just Relying on the Vendor’s Project Plan

Our Project Management Expertise Delivers:
  • A customized plan and timeline that is appropriate for your firm’s project
  • A liaison and single point of contact for your in-house staff and outsourced providers involved in the project
  • Assistance in managing tasks necessary to get the project done

A Trusted Resource Until the Very End, We:
  • Ensure your project plan contains the additional tasks beyond the vendors’ deliverables
  • Make sure the post-conversion tasks are complete
  • Integrate the new technology into your firm during the transition process

Solutions for Your Firm:  
A successful implementation and conversion process with a resource advocating for your firm’s needs.  With over 30 years of experience and an understanding of all phases of the process, SG&A understands what can go right and what will go wrong, and how to address these situations before they happen.

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