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When Your Vision of Streamlined Processes Didn’t Actually Occur

Before implementing workflows, we envision a road leading to operational efficiencies and enhanced client services.  After implementation, we find that the road we are actually on is filled with bottlenecks...

Why Your Back-Office is a Revolving Door

I’m frequently asked to assist advisory firms with finding good – excuse me – any operations staff. Hiring and retaining ops staff seems to be a challenge for firms. While I am not in the recruiting business, I can understand some of the issues with finding and keeping good back-office staff, such as the repetitive nature of the tasks and lack of a career path on the operations side of the business...

If Only Managing Technology Were This Easy…

You’ve probably heard them many times. One-liners about how easy managing technology is, or could be, if only you: Designate someone as the firm “techie” Outsource all of your technology needs Agree that (pick a tech) is the backbone of …

Why Conversions Fail

I have been involved in many conversions and have seen many changes throughout the years – especially with technology. But there is one thing that has changed very little – why conversions fail. "Advisors didn’t say…” vs. “Vendors should have known…” Everybody gets so caught up in the blame game that nobody thinks about the problem at hand which is the system doesn’t work.  Instead of fixing problems and resolving issues, 

Your Back-Office Decisions Also Require Due Diligence

Consider this conversation I had with an advisor – the advisor mentioned he was interested in a particular portfolio reporting software. I asked what he thought of it. In one sentence, he said that he hasn’t seen it, heard about it from an advisor, will have a demo on it in two days, and if he likes it, he will buy it. He then asked me how much the software cost because if it’s too expensive, he won’t look at. I didn’t bother to ask for the definition of “too expensive.”...

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