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The Issue Isn’t the CRM, It’s You

A high CRM adoption rate is dependent on your staff’s willingness to embrace it. Without it, you end up with several CRMs - otherwise known as spreadsheets

Move from Performance-Driven to Client-Engaging Discussions

Client discussions need to go beyond performance to provide a higher level of value

Guest Blog: Kelli Cruz

Many advisors asked for assistance in finding operations and admin staff. Advisors are surprised by the level of turnover in these areas. While I am not in the HR business, I do understand the difficulties of retaining good staff.

Three Tips to Improve your Technology Decision-Making

Successful evaluations and decisions require a deep understanding of your information needs, the right questions and data awareness.

Speaking Event - The Women Advisors Forum New York

Sue Glover recently spoke at The Women Advisors Forum New York on June 22, an event is dedicated to fostering the growth and success of women in the industry, and bringing you together to network and make the business and intellectual connections that will help you succeed.

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