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Don’t Let the Office Downer Ruin Your Project

Don’t view office downers as part of the problem – make them an integral part of the solution!

The Issue Isn’t the CRM, It’s You

A high CRM adoption rate is dependent on your staff’s willingness to embrace it. Without it, you end up with several CRMs - otherwise known as spreadsheets

Move from Performance-Driven to Client-Engaging Discussions

Client discussions need to go beyond performance to provide a higher level of value

Guest Blog: Kelli Cruz

Many advisors asked for assistance in finding operations and admin staff. Advisors are surprised by the level of turnover in these areas. While I am not in the HR business, I do understand the difficulties of retaining good staff.

Three Tips to Improve your Technology Decision-Making

Successful evaluations and decisions require a deep understanding of your information needs, the right questions and data awareness.


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