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Aim for Successful Integration, Not Just a Successful Implementation

Implementing technology is an overwhelming process. In the end, you may be relieved if it comes in only four weeks late and just 10% over budget. You may consider the implementation successful when the software/hardware is installed, data is transferred from the old system to the new system, and your staff receives training from the vendor...

Have Your Excel-Based Applications Overstayed Their Welcome?

As a consultant who developed many Excel based applications, I understand why firms love Excel and won’t consider other software. I also understand when Excel is no longer the right solution for an application...

When it Comes to Technology, Do Advisors and Vendors Speak the Same Language?

Familiar scenes: During a vendor’s demonstration, the advisor asks if certain information is available. The vendor happily replies yes.  The advisor is really asking “can I easily access this information with one click or touch?”  What the vendor really means is “navigate through …

Business Intelligence – Having the Right Information, Making Good Decisions

Advisors understandably question what vendors mean when they advertise products as “Business Intelligence” tools.  Search on-line for business intelligence and you get a process used by companies with a lot of buzzwords such as SQL, data analytics, and data mining …

Technology That is Wrong for Your Firm is a Costly Mistake – Tips on Making the Right Decision

Reasons advisors may consider new technology: Automate a manual process or streamline an existing process Feel that needs are not being met with the current system Believe that issues can only be resolved with new technology Pressure from vendors about …

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