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Do Robo-Advisors Use Excel?

That and other questions will be helpful while addressing your firm’s infrastructure, in light of the robo-advisors onset.

Opinions on robo-advisors range from fear of competition to not impacting an advisor’s business. Regardless of where you are on the opinion spectrum, you should take this time to review areas of the robo-advisor’s success and compare them to your business model and infrastructure. Don’t dismiss their arrival and success as a fad...

It’s All About the Clients – Or Is It?

Of course it’s all about the clients. That’s why you have your own advisory firm – to better serve your clients. Now imagine a couple of scenarios that have happened or could happen to you.

Don’t Just Attend a Technology Conference – Invest in It!

With so many conference choices from vendors, custodians, and user groups, you probably have one on your calendar or plan to sign up for one. Whether it’s a technology conference or a conference that showcases technology, you probably look forward to learning about new software and other tools that boast a high ROI.

Technology Decisions That Drive Your Staff Crazy

While assessing an advisory firm’s technology needs, I was told to “push the envelope” with Excel’s capabilities so the firm didn’t have to invest in other software. As a consultant, it was not difficult for me to respond. As an employee, I may not have had the opportunity to respond....

Year-End Means Thanksgiving & Other Useful Tips

As we enter the second half of the year, you will look at this year’s goals and to-do list and wonder if you’re halfway there. If you think you have until December 31 to complete your tasks for the year, think again. December is a bad time to start or be in the middle of a project. December is the time for year-end client requests, tax strategies, money...


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