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5 Things Your Back-Office Staff Would Like You to Know

If asked how well you understand your business, you can probably boast how well you know and manage your clients. You can forever talk about how good you are at managing money and giving investment advice. It’s great that you …

Show (Don’t Tell) Your Clients Your New Technology Tools

Your clients will be happy for you when you tell them about your new technology tools.  Your clients will be happier when you show them your new tools. Congratulations!  You just implemented a new ______________ (insert CRM, portfolio reporting, re-balancer, …

Who is Running the Business – Your Back-Office or You?

Advisors that view their back-office as an investment will structure the back-office to support their business plan.  Advisors that view their back-office as a cost tend to invest in what they consider affordable – altering their business plan based on …

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