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Fear of Conversions is a Good Thing

Is this your firm? Unhappiness with the legacy software, interest in new technology, excitement during the evaluation, contract ready to sign…. And then time passes without a decision.Fear has set in and you can’t let it go. It seems that someone you know has a bad conversion story and this prevents you from making the decision to convert your legacy system.So why is fear a good thing?

Aim for Successful Integration, Not Just a Successful Implementation

Implementing technology is an overwhelming process. In the end, you may be relieved if it comes in only four weeks late and just 10% over budget. You may consider the implementation successful when the software/hardware is installed, data is transferred from the old system to the new system, and your staff receives training from the vendor...

Have Your Excel-Based Applications Overstayed Their Welcome?

As a consultant who developed many Excel based applications, I understand why firms love Excel and won’t consider other software. I also understand when Excel is no longer the right solution for an application...

When it Comes to Technology, Do Advisors and Vendors Speak the Same Language?

Familiar scenes: During a vendor’s demonstration, the advisor asks if certain information is available. The vendor happily replies yes.  The advisor is really asking “can I easily access this information with one click or touch?”  What the vendor really means is “navigate through …

Visualize Your Practice Management Areas as a Venn Diagram

When evaluating practice management areas, advisors tend to focus on each area as if it were a stand-alone component. Advisors also like to create their practice management list in order of importance or by the percentage of time they spend …

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